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"Just for the Well of it!"


Race registration is non-refundable and may only be completed online. Every runner will receive a bib with their race number and timing chip. There is no registration on race day.




You can register for the Providence Corporate Cup 5k fun run/walk as an INDIVIDUAL/Open Division, or as a TEAM.


INDIVIDUAL/Open Division registrations are scored against other individuals that also registered in the Individual/Open Division.  


TEAMS are scored using the cumulative finish of every registered person on a team. 


There are two options for teams; a FUN TEAM (comprised of 4 people; no restrictions on the company, age, sex, etc.) or a CORPORATE TEAM (3-4 people depending on company size, must have someone over 40, and a female.) There is no limit on the number of fun teams or corporate teams. 


CORPORATE TEAMS are broken into 4 divisions based on company size. Corporate team divisions are scored against other teams in that division. Division 1 teams are comprised of 3 people from the same company, includes someone over 40, and a female. Division 2, 3, and 4 are 4-person teams that all work at the same company, have someone over 40, and a female. See the rules and scoring page for more information. 



Entry Fees:


Division 1 Team (3 members): $90.00

Division 2, 3, and 4 Team (4 members): $120.00

Fun Team (4 members): $120.00

Individuals: $30.00



Division 1: Company size up to 50 Employees
Division 2: 51 to 100 Employees
Division 3: 101 to 250 Employees
Division 4: Over 250 Employees
Fun Team: No company size requirement
Open Division: Open to all individuals

*Although the Providence Corporate Cup is not a certified 5K, every effort will be made to ensure the 5K is a 3.1-mile course.*